established in 2021​

Singularly splendid wine tasting!!!

I come from a very strong sales and marketing background (mostly media) and have worked for various wine magazines and newspapers over the years. Being a tour guide for the last 10 years, the road has taken me to some of the most beautiful places our country has to offer and the opportunity to visit a number of wine estates and farms throughout the Western Cape. I now too own a small events company based in St Helena Bay from where I operate. So all this has now come together to allow me to venture in doing Wine Market Days where we bring the Winelands to your doorstep. Come and meet amazing people, taste stunning wines and learn more about what the farms and estates have to offer …its not only always about the wine its about the full experience…taste, dine, stay and play…. 🙂

michele olieslager


To allow you to taste and purchase wines under one roof…to introduce you the wonderful people from our wine estates and farms…..


To build these Wine Market Days into an experience like no other, to make them interesting and enlightening and fun to attend both by the estate and our visitors.